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"The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see." Alexandra K.

The greatest gift I was ever given, was having the opportunity to learn everything on my own. It has taken me years to perfect and has given me an irreplaceable wisdom of accepting failures as a part of growth. Although many may disagree with my method, and that learning academically is preferred. I was never one able to adjust to an educators instructions. Already being a "to myself" "introvert", there was always something more inspiring about the tranquility in thr silence of my own home verses outside sources. From my experience, an instructor would tell me how something is done step by step. Along the way I'd find new ways to create different colors/texture/shapes. But unfortunately it was deemed wrong. But to what standard is anyone's art "wrong." It is specifically identified to that individuals style. It was at that point I knew if I wanted to achieve my fullest potential I needed a more open minded environment. It's been 6 years since that day, I've watched youtube videos for soldering, macrame, painting, sculpting, bead work, glass cutting, wood sawing but have yet to find any on electroforming and soldering (tiffany technique). So, on this page I hope to spread some fun tutorials giving the watcher the ability to learn peacefully in the space of their own home. 



For the beginning years of my business I remember having this outdated iphone 4 that my boyfriend let me use for photography. I never had an iphone before and didn't really care for them. But at the time I didn't have any other way to document the pieces I was making. So for the time being , this iphone 4 would have to do. I remember it had a terribly bulky phone case that was bright yellow and black. The autofocus was broken so it only allowed me to take pictures a few inches away from my jewelry. "White background should be good," I would say to myself reassured that this is what professionals would do. "Something simple and not distracting". After having photographed at least 13 pieces, Nick suggested I start using instagram. Which I immediately declined. But after sometime, I caved (luckily). Viewing other users photography I quickly realized this iphone4 was not going to do the job. "How do they make their pictures look like that? They're beautiful!," I would scream at Nick. Which then he suggested, "Well get a better phone." As much as I hated iphones at the time, I agreed. So I upgraded to the ihpone 5 and then eventually the iphone 6 and 7. Anytime I get asked what camera I use, majority are astonished to hear I use an iphone at all. But I will say this, you can take a great picture but if edited poorly it will destroy its natural beauty. With the right edit, your pictures will glow all on their own. If anyone is looking for a good editing App I would suggest Afterlight. I've been using them for the passed 5 years.

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